Samsung Galaxy A01

With the lowest price in the Galaxy A lineup, Samsung Galaxy A01 may be the perfect handset for people wanting to try out the Galaxy experience. While ordinary design and low screen resolution make A01 not a handset to be excited about, its low price, some decent specs, and a good camera make this phone a worth-trying device.

Due to an upgraded operated system and better camera hardware, the A01 may perform better than 2019’s Motorola Moto E6 and 2018’s Moto G6, both of which are available at prices ranging between $100 and $150. The A01 might not last longer than 12 hours, so if you want to buy a phone that lasts longer on a single charge, you may want to spend $100 more to get a Moto G Power. This phone can last more than 24 hours.

Design and display

The Galaxy A01 comes with a 5.7-inch LCD. This display is fine if you are not much concerned about video sharpness and high resolution. However, you may not like its 720p screen resolution if you are a fan of watching 1080p videos. By having a closer look, you may notice everything appearing a bit fuzzy. Furthermore, its display is not as vibrant and rich as the Galaxy A51.

Due to being thin and small, this phone is easy to hold in one hand. It has a tear-drop notch on the top of the screen to house a front-facing cam. On the top is a headphone jack, and on the backside are two small slits for the audio.

Camera performance

This budget phone allows you to take clear and colorful photos. The digital 8x zoom allows this camera pack to take some high-quality close-up shots. The photo quality, however, becomes muddier with a closer zoom.

Live focus is not quite consistent with portrait photos. In many cases, the foreground or object becomes blurred instead of the background. Samsung says that they are going to review this problem and release an update to fix it.

The camera can record 1080p video, which is sharp and clear. However, there no optical image stabilization, meaning that the recorded video is not going to be quite smooth if you are moving while recording.

The internal storage

The internal storage for the A01 is too small for the modern-day phone use norms. If you want to store your photos, you may have to use the Google Photos cloud service or get a MicroSD card. Nearly half of the 16GB internal storage is taken up by the OS and other fundamental apps. The good thing is that you can enhance the storage by 512GB using a MicroSD card.


The overall performance of the phone is decent, thanks to the Snapdragon 439 chipset. It may prove to be faster than the A51 when you close or open some apps. However, it may get stuck when you open a few apps and try to run them simultaneously. The performance of this phone is also held back due to the 2GB of RAM. This phone comes with a 3,000mAh battery unit, which should power up the device for around 12 hours.

The compromises this phone makes in terms of specs and features are entirely understandable due to its lower price.